Green Solutions

TRAVELTIME is one of the front-runners in introducing and managing ethanol-fuel buses for mass transportation in the country.

The transportation sector has been identified as a major polluting source and consumption of diesel is only increasing on a day to day basis. Biodiesel and other biofuels are eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels like oil. In biofuels, the country has a ray of hope in providing energy security. Biofuels are environment-friendly fuels and their utilization would address global concerns about containment of carbon emissions. The transportation sector has been identified as a major polluting source. Use of biofuels has, therefore, become compelling in view of the tightening automotive vehicle emission standards to curb air pollution.

Hence, as a part of its green initiative, TRAVELTIME decided to venture into ethanol buses for mass transportation. These buses imported from Scania are also friendly for differently enabled people. These special buses have been introduced in the city of Nagpur and Thane.

Infact, the Nagpur project is an extensive project with 50 Ethanol-fuel buses being deployed towards the 'Go Green' endevour.

Future Plans and Projects

  • TRAVELTIME has recently started with managing and providing public transport through high-end ethanol buses in Nagpur apart from earlier 140+ buses.
  • TRAVELTIME is also bidding for contract of providing city bus services in Thane.
  • There are other State Transport Undertaking projects bidding process in the pipeline.
  • In corporate fleet segment we are looking to add a fleet of cars to the intercity (City Connect) model.
  • We are in process to close a deal with 4-5 MNC banks/ IT companies in Pune and Mumbai for their employee transportation.

As a one of the very few organised players in the industry, TRAVELTIME Car Rental Private Limited is always the bidder of choice.